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We’re excited to announce that we’ll be opening a store in Melbourne’s Little Collins Street in June! If you’re in town, we’d love to see you there!

Up to 30% off your favourite Italian shoes plus in-store offers.

See the latest collections, limited editions and signature pieces from Ballettonet on Little Collins Street, Melbourne!

Location: 494 Little Collins Street, Melbourne
Transport: Tram no. 55, 86 & 96
Nearest train station: Southern Cross Station

We’ll only be in town until 30th of June 2016, so don’t miss out! Will we see you there?

Ballettonet Team xx


Hands up if you’re one of those who wear their new shoes within 24hrs of buying them?

As Winter approaches keep a pair of our sole stickers on standby to add instant grip and protection to your soles. Protects from mud, dirt and water. Available in black or clear with free shipping Australia wide.

Show your fav shoes some love with our care and repair range.

Stephanie x

Shop the sole stickers here: http://ballettonet.co/clear-sole-stickers/

If you haven’t seen it last night, our gorgeous ballerines designed by Kerrie Hess was aired on national television during the Better Homes and Garden’s episode. The lovely Tara interviewed Kerrie about her home, lifestyle, and collaborations as well as had the pleasure of seeing her paint live in her studio!

Ballettonet Team x

View the segment here: YouTube video link

Shop her limited edition collection here.


Some of you may be wondering what the Italian voiceover heard throughout the film is saying.

In light of its recent nomination (super thrilled!) as a finalist of the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival’s Cultural Program Fashion Film Series 2016, we want to share the translation with you as it’s so special to us.

Simplicity. It is my secret confidence, my only aesthetic. The je ne sais quoi that holds your gaze and makes you catch your breath. It is, the ultimate sophistication.

Ask me what I want, and I will answer you with words from a distant shore. I will take you through the landscape of my dreams, and we will chase the winds that billow through my thoughts.

A capsule of style, an image of elegance, the perfection of simplicity. This is my escape.


We hope you enjoyed it !
Ballettonet Team x

P.S. Watch the shortlisted film here. Shop the Love Shop Share limited edition collection here.

November 10, 2015

On repeat

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We’re so excited to be featured in Kerrie’s interview with The Grace Tales’ Georgie Abay recently. Here’s a little snippet from the article:

“The chic Kerrie Hess might have lived everywhere from London to Hong Kong to Paris, but her elegant Queenslander home in Brisbane is distinctly inspired by her time spent over in Paris. Over a year ago, the renowned international fashion illustrator moved back to her hometown with her son Marcel and transformed their house into a classic Parisian-inspired abode…

Hess has long been inspired by graceful women and applies this elegance to both her personal style and home interior. “I am inspired by strong women who have had independent careers as well as those with a sense of elegance more so than beauty. Grace Kelly is an inspiration in many of my illustrations, and Audrey Hepburn is the main inspiration around my new capsule range of ballet flats with Ballettonet.” We were thrilled to spend the morning with the gorgeous Hess and her son to find out more about her take on everything from motherhood to career.”

Read the full story here.

Ballettonet Team x

Photography: Grace Alyssa Kyo

ballettonet-kerriehess-thegracetales2 ballettonet-kerriehess-thegracetales3 ballettonet-kerriehess-thegracetales4 ballettonet-kerriehess-thegracetale5


I want to introduce to you another maker and the one who produced our Kerrie Hess and Love Shop Share capsule collections, Baccaro Group SRL. Their house brand is La Baccarina and we chat to Paola Baccaro for the third instalment of our ‘Meet the Makers’ series.

We had the pleasure of meeting Paola and her husband Alessandro on our last business trip to Italy, where we discussed samples and prototypes for one of our collections. We were then given a tour of their factory so we could see the entire process of constructing a pair of shoes – from cutting the upper leathers, assembling all the parts of the shoe, to packing the footwear in their shoe boxes.

Ben and I would love to return to Italy every year to meet our makers behind Ballettonet’s collections and oversee the production of our shoes. However with a young family and other commitments I am thankful for the technology available to us, especially Skype, as it makes it easier to explain to them modifications to samples face to face!

In our interview this month, Paola shares with us her contribution to the family business as well as her top travelling tips for the north-eastern region of Italy. Browse the current styles available here.

Know your makers. Support transparency.

Stephanie x

Paola with her husband Alessandro, their daughter Agnese and son Mattia. Image supplied. Previously posted January 2015.

Founded in 1890 by Gaetano Baccaro, the great grandfather of the current owner Alessandro, the Baccaro family has been making shoes for five generations (soon to be six!).

In the years leading up to World War Two, Baccaro was one of the largest shoe manufacturers in the region, employing over 100 workers. In the difficult times after World War Two they were instrumental in supporting and providing work for many families in the region.

Currently employing over 50 workers across four factories in the Civitanova La Marche region, Baccaro produces shoes for many high fashion brands, with creative direction by a shoe designer from one of the most coveted fashion houses in Europe.

What do you do at Baccaro Group, and what do you enjoy most about your role?

I am a commercial employee and manage the customer relationships and orders worldwide.

It is really interesting to stay in touch with clients all over the world and to see how fashion changes accordingly between the continents.

What made you go into the shoe-making industry?

I am married to Alessandro whose great grandfather founded the business in 1890. His family has a centenary history in shoe manufacturing.

As a husband and wife team working in the same business, how well do you work together?  Do you have different roles in the business?

We work well together because we have two different roles!

My job is to stay in touch with the customers. Alessandro stays in touch with the suppliers and manages the staff in the production department.

How long has your family been in the shoe industry?

More or less 120 years. In the years leading up to World War Two, Baccaro was one of the largest shoe manufacturers in the region, employing over 100 workers. In the difficult times after World War Two they were instrumental in supporting and providing work for many families in the region.

Paola’s Italy tips

If you took your family on holiday anywhere in Italy, where would you go and why?

1. Dolomiti Mountain for sure! Because it is a relaxing place and the landscape is wonderful.

2. Venice, without question.

3. Jesolo and Riccione when we decide to visit the sea, as there are many attractions for families, couples or groups of friends. They are the best in Italy!

4.Sardegna for the gorgeous sea!

What are the top 5 things to do in Veneto region (north east region of Italy)?

1. To visit the city of Venice and the Isles Murano (famous for the glass making process), Burano and Torcello.

2. Lago di Garda (Garda Lake).

3. City of Verona, for its history.

4. Valli del Pasubio, including an excursion to Strada delle 52 Gallerie (Road of 52 tunnels) (or Strada della Prima Armata – Road of the First Army). It is a military mule road built during World War I on the massif Pasubio in Veneto, Italy.

5. A visit to Marmolada for its well-known mountain zone in the Rocca Pietore town, in the heart of Dolomiti. It is one of the most beautiful mountains in the world. Serra di Sottoguda is the wonderful 2km canyon. A great walk for people who love the outdoors. The name indicates a deep gorge, carved into the rock between the villages of Malga Ciapela and SottogudaAlong the twisting paththe huge rock walls fall at a steep angle accentuating the contrast between the light from above and the shadows of the throat.

If someone wanted to live in Italy somewhere to experience the “Italian way of life,” where would you suggest and why?

It would be Verona city because it is a wonderful town with a lovely story and it is very close to the Garda Lake (10 minutes by car).

To learn more about the history of Baccaro Group SRL, read more about the makers here.

baccaro-ballettonet-old photo1 copy
Baccaro shoe manufacturer in the 1900’s. Founder Gaetano Baccaro seated in the centre. Image supplied.

baccaro-ballettonet-old photo4 copy
Baccaro shoe manufacturer in the 1900’s. Image supplied.

Behind the scenes of the Baccaro workshop. Photography by Stephanie Waters.

Jesolo seaside. Image sourced from Google.

Strada delle 52 Gallerie-ballettonet-edit-moda-baccaro
Strada delle 52 Gallerie. Photo: www.flaviopontiggia.altervista.org

Serra di Sottoguda-ballettonet-baccaro-edit-moda
Serra di Sottoguda: One of the top five places to visit in the Veneto region. Image sourced from www.lafotografiadigitale.it.

Paola recommends visiting Burano, an island of a fishing community near Venice. Photography by Stephanie Waters.

Juliet’s Balcony in Verona. Photography by Stephanie Waters.

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There’s something very romantic about illustration. In a world of hi-tech digital design and mass-produced products, the craftsmanship and traditional techniques of putting pen to paper to create a hand-drawn image seems a little ‘ye olde world’. Turning that art into a successful profession even more so.

That’s why fashion illustrator Kerrie Hess’ remarkable international success is something to behold – she’s worked alongside iconic brands like CHANEL and Louis Vuitton. Her latest collaboration?  To create a capsule shoe collection for artisanal shoe brand Ballettonet.

“It’s a crazy career choice, when you think about it! I’ve been doing this for a long time, so I guess I’ve figured out along the way how to make it a career, because I never wanted it to be a hobby. I think it’s all about understanding as an artist what your value is – it’s so important to have faith in that. I’ve made lots of mistakes along the way, but that has been my biggest lesson: to value my skills and my art,” says Kerrie. “And collaborating with projects like this has been an amazing way of using a skill such as illustration to branch out and do something different.”

The Ballettonet capsule collection consists of eight flat-shoe designs, including a classic ballet flat, a point toe flat, and a quirky little French Bulldog, made by Italian artisans in the Civitanova La Marche region.

“This was two years in the making. I was really fastidious in every step of this process in terms of hardware, going through thousands of samples, choosing fabrics, everything. I never understood how much was involved in footwear before the process,” says Kerrie.

Read the full article at the Collective Hub here.

Shop Kerrie’s capsule collection now.

Ballettonet Team x

Photography: Bonnie Cee


To read the full issue, click here.

View Kerrie’s collection here. Launching tomorrow for pre-orders!

Stephanie x


To see more behind the scene footage, join us on Instagram.

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